Graduation photos by Suzanne Blanchard

Need an inspiring keynote?
Job to be done framework
The newest way to understand your customer's needs and segment
them in a relevant way.
Keynote + workshop
Digital revolution: the bigger picture
How many times do you hear how fast tech is changing the world? In this keynote, you'll see the bigger picture and understand better how the world is changing and how tech revolutions shape the world.
Learn from my startup fail
In a spring cleaning, I discovered the old Dropbox folder of my failed startup, Just in Case. In this talk, you are experiencing my process with real data and learn from the mistakes I made.
Watching tech trends
How do you keep track of all the new technologies? At Bit I developed a framework to assess maturity.
The most hands-on lean innovation workshop in the world
In a 6 hour workshop, you will go from a rough idea to a business model with back of the envelope revenue model. Over ten different design and startup tools will be touched upon. This is not like most design thinking workshops.
About me
I'm happy when on stage.

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